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The MC85 Star Cruiser was a Heavy cruiser manufactured by Mon Calamari Shipyards and Corellian Engineering Corporation after the Galactic Civil War. It was used by the New Republic Starfleet and the Resistance navy.[1] One ship, the Raddus, served as the flagship of the Resistance navy, and was crucial in the Evacuation of D'Qar.The bridge of the Raddus was destroyed, and resulted in the deaths of most of Resistance High Command, including Admiral Gial Ackbar when it was attacked by First Order TIE fighters. It was subsequently destroyed during the Attack on the Resistance fleet when Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo purposefully entered hyperspace into the Supremacy, splintering the massive vessel in two, with the debris cutting through various nearby Resurgent-class Battlecruisers.[2]

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