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This article is about an individual medical droid. You may be looking for the MD-5 medical droid line.

MD-5, also called Emdee Five, was an MD-5 medical droid serving the self-appointed Galactic Emperor Trioculus in 5 ABY.


MD-5 attended Trioculus at every function and was present during the latter's public address at Kessendra Stadium on Kessel, as well as the whaladon-hunting submarine of Captain Dunwell. Trioculus maintained a close relationship with MD-5, similar to the relationship shared between Luke Skywalker and the droid team of C-3PO and R2-D2. MD-5 once installed a cybernetic implant into the glove that enabled him to simulate the effects of Force lightning, and then later small fingertip-sized devices into the tips of Darth Vader's Glove, allowing him the ability to simulate Force choking.

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