The MD-series medical specialist droid was a line of medical droids manufactured by Industrial Automaton as a counterpart to the 2-1B surgical droid to which they bore a very similar cosmetic appearance. The MD medical specialists where a common sight throughout the galaxy and while not as advanced as the 2-1B, the MDs were highly respected on medical centers of less-civilized planets where their low cost and high levels of specialization on specific medical fields were a big help for local physicians. They were also liked for their lower prices, as a standard unit would normally cost around 2,000 credits.

The fact that most MD units were kept on clean medical bays meant that the droids did not need a lot of maintenance, and if proper care was provided they could last for centuries.

The series had different models that were identified with numbers ranging from the MD-0 up to the MD-10. The difference between these models was their special skill subroutines and specialty tool mounts; these two things made each model an specialized medical assistant for it specific field without changing their external looks in a great deal from model to model.

The most common models were the MD-0: Diagnostic, the MD-2: Anesthesiologist, and the MD-4: Microsurgery. The MD-5 was a generic multipurpose medical droid.

Other popular models were the MD-1: Lab technician, and the MD-3: Pharmacist

MD units served aboard the Death Star I.

A MD-5 medical droid was used by the High Lord of House Calipsa, Weston Warsheld of the Tapani sector. Another MD-5 unit by the name of Emdee served ersatz Emperor Trioculus during the period where he was used as a figurehead of the Grand Moff coup attempt.



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