"Though designed for healing, I can use my tools for more aggressive purposes."

MHD-19 was a medical droid that was aligned with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The droid aided the Mon Calamari Rebel marksman Loku Kanoloa and the Human female operative Verena Talos in trying to evacuate some colonists from the Empire, they returned to Hoth shortly after the Battle of Hoth forced them to evacuate.

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"I will do what I must to protect my fellow soldiers."

Although MHD-19 was primarily and foremost a medical droid, being trained in over a thousand medical procedures, MHD-19 was also equipped with various weapons to aid comrades, being extremely loyal to the Rebellion.[1]

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MHD-19 is one of three hero characters in the Return to Hoth expansion pack for the tactical land-based RPG game Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games.


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