The MMR-9 recovery droid was designed by the Sullustan Imik Suum for the SoroSuub Corporation during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. The droid was modeled after construction droids and was capable of operating in environments too hazardous for organic beings. The Fireclaw Horde had planned on using modified MMR-9s to hijack the luxury liner Queen of Cularin, but failed. Subsequently, the droids were not released to the public.

Behind the scenesEdit

The MMR-9 droid was first mentioned in the Living Force campaign adventure In the Name of the Maker, in which the model was referred to as the "MMR-8 recovery droid". They later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia which referred to them as "MMR-9"s, and this article assumes that the name given for them in the Encyclopedia is the correct one, because The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia was published after In the Name of the Maker.