The MN-2E general maintenance droid was created to clean ceilings high above the reach of most. They were about 1 meter tall and had four arms, as well a repulsorlift engine. They were used in extravagant buildings such as the great Imperial Palace, where they polished windows and trimmed tree branches. They were used in most Imperial installations, including Mount Tantiss and the first Death Star; they were also used by civilians. They performed detailed, delicate, and precision repair work with their sensitive manipulators and magnifying visual scanners. They were equipped with low-power cutting and welding lasers.

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Alternate interpretation of the MN-2E as a treaded droid.

The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook at one point mistakenly calls this model the "MN-2D."

While The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook and The Essential Guide to Droids interpret the MN-2E as a floating, non-humanoid model, the Death Star Technical Companion described and illustrated the model as roughly humanoid and moving on treaded wheels. The picture used in the Death Star Technical Companion to illustrate this model was used in the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook to represent the M38-series explorer droid.



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