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MSE-1T droids were believed to be the first in the MSE-series. They ran on tracks, making their ability to travel limited. They were able to consume rusted droid parts. Star Tours, a short-lived travel business, purchased two of these droids. One of the droids, known as Frank, repaired machinery while the other unfortunate MSE-1T unit was damaged and found a new use as a table for G3-5LE. The droid models frequented the Droidnostics Center of the spaceport, with some passengers being extremely lucky to find one near the checkpoint.

Behind the scenesEdit

In 2005, Hasbro released MSE-1T as an exclusive Star Tours action figure.

The droids are not exclusively found in the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Star Tours, but also at Tokyo Disneyland. According to the "Spot the Droid" poster for the Tokyo starport, they made their homes in the Droidnostics center, and in a map of the ride, also noted that passengers are often extremely lucky to find one near the checkpoint even though they live there.


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