MSE-X-PR6 was a modified Rebaxan Columni MSE-6 droid assigned to the research station on Binaros. The little droid used to be a standard MSE-6 droid, but, due to his assignment as a messenger between the station personnel, his skill matrix was removed, and a vocabulator unit was installed. His holocam and manipulator arm were also removed to give him a storage space for carrying datapads.

However, a glitch in MSE-X-PR6’s programming led him to engage in petty thievery, swiping interesting objects and keeping them hidden in the storeroom in the facility. His two most prized items were a thermal detonator, and a piece of DarkStryder technology.

MSE-X-PR6 was left behind when the station was abandoned. When the crew of the FarStar arrived, he offered his services as a messenger since he was lonely and bored, and wanted to leave the facility. He was even prepared to threaten them with the thermal detonator, or to trade the DarkStryder object for passage.

Behind the scenesEdit

An alternative adventure strand for MSE-X-PR6 involves using the droid as an assassin droid or a saboteur to incapacitate the FarStar at the worst possible moment.