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This article is about the MSF mouse droid. You may be looking for the MSE-series mouse droids.

The MSF mouse droid, also known as the MSF-series, was line of wheeled messenger droids manufactured by the X2-4 plant on Uffel.


The droids were a variant on the MSE-series mouse droid, but modified to perform minor technical repairs as well as to hover on tiny repulsorlift engines. They were equipped with a recording unit for both audio and visual data, two tool mounts, two telescoping arms and an internal comlink. The droids were cheap, friendly and utilitarian. It was a very popular droid, especially in the Cularin system, and it was financially successful for the droids of Uffel.[1] At one time, having one or two MSF droids was a sign of affluence.[2]


The MSF-series was designed by droid entrepreneur QS-2D, who managed the droid factories in Uffel. QS-2D decided to commercialize new droid designs when the initial mining operation of Uffel stopped being profitable, and its MSF design gave it a lot of popularity—however, to avoid attention towards the "independent droid", QS-2D maintained that it was still working for an organic, but reclusive, master. QS-2D also kept for itself the prototype of the design, MSF-F2.[1]

Production of the MSF line was temporarily shut down after a debris storm,[3] but eventually restarted after a sabotage attempt was foiled by a group of heroes from the Cularin system. Following the incident, the MSF-series droid MSF-111 became attached to one of the heroes and left Uffel in their company.[2]



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