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The MSP80 Pteropter (or Pteroptor) hover pod was an airspeeder model used by Trandoshan hunters on the moon of Wasskah to hunt their prey as sport during the Clone Wars.



A hoverpod preparing to lift off

The MSP80 had a rotary repeating blaster cannon and three landing legs that folded up during take-off. The speeder was open in the back, with no safeguards.[3]


The speeders were usually parked on the landing platform of the floating fortress. When the hunting games began, three Trandoshans got on each speeder, flew into the jungle and started searching for their prey.[3] One of these vehicles was hijacked by a group of Padawans that had survived multiple hunts; after capturing Smug, a Trandoshan guard/sniper, they mind-tricked him to call his comrade Krix and ask for transportation. Krix arrived only to find that he had stepped into a trap. The padawans knocked him and Smug unconscious and took the vehicle.[4]

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