The MT-5 hyperdrive was a unit created by Pitareeze Inc. to be installed in their Pitareeze Cruiser. It was reportedly much faster than any other unit on the market as of 5.5 BBY. When one employee of Pitareeze Inc, Olag Greck, stole the designs for the cruiser and created a number of shoddy imitations called Greck Cruisers, the hyperdrive unit was only in the prototype stage. The units in Olag's ships proved faulty and Baron Pitareeze refused his request for help. Years later, Greck took the Baron's grandson, Nak Pitareeze, hostage and claimed he'd tried to steal on of his cruisers. He claimed he would throw Nak on a prison barge if Baron Pitareeze did not bring him the functioning MT-5 unit. In the end, Greck was fooled into accepting a food hydrator under the impression that it was the unit.