"Help, help, you must aide me. Oh please, good citizen, my master is in dire need of assistance."
―MT-D6, to one of the Heroes of Cularin[src]

MT-D6 was an MT-D messenger droid that was owned by the Cularin Office of Public Safety agent Ezra Du'Re during the Clone Wars. Circa 21 BBY, MT-D6 accompanied Du'Re on a mission to the city Tolea Biqua on the planet Genarius, in the Cularin system, where Du'Re was investigating the theft of a number of high value art objects. However, Du'Re was attacked while inside a Tolea Biqua warehouse and MT-D6 fled, hoping to find some reinforcements to assist his master. The droid encountered the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents who operated in the Cularin system and at his request, the agents traveled to the warehouse to aide Du'Re.


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