The MVD-1 areoflitter, or Mrlsst flitter. was a dragonfly-like air vehicle that was propelled by the flapping of large wings and could fly to an altitude of about 1,050 meters. The original design was developed centuries before the Battle of Yavin as a method for the Mrlssi to move around their homeworld when the tidal floods were at their worst. When Mrlsst first made contact with Humans, Mrlsst Motorworks began to manufacture these vehicles to Human scale. They were used across the Tapani sector for a variety of functions including as civilian commuter vehicles, service vehicles, and police interceptors when they could be armed with light weapons.

Most flitters were lightweight and highly maneuverable since they were constructed from light alloys and high-impact plastics. New, they would cost about 11,500 credits, which was cheap compared to a standard airspeeder, but they were not that durable, lasting only around five years.