The Merr-Sonn MX-10 was an anti-vehicle missile launcher emplacement developed by Merr-Sonn Munitions during the Galactic Civil War.

The emplacement consisted of a rack of ten medium missiles, sufficient for taking out armored repulsorcraft and AT-STs, which could be concealed by use of a collapsible panel. Measuring 40 centimeters wide the panel prevented visual identification of the emplacement, while the fact that it did not draw power when placed in stand-by mode prevented scanners from picking it up. When necessary a simple pull of a cord can cause the collapsible panel to be dropped.

Like other Mer-Sonn products the MX-10 used missiles based on their popular PLX munitions. For just 500 credits each the launcher could fire simple "dumb" rockets with no guidance system or so-called "smart" GAM rockets at twice the cost. At a price of 2,000 credits each it could also fire "savant" rockets which were fired like dumb rockets but after a brief period activated their guidance systems to lock onto the target vehicle. These were especially deadly since they could fool pilots into thinking they had evaded the rocket, only for it to home in on them for the kill.