"Come this way. Shoot me in the back if you must. N-no doubt you'll wound me horribly. I'll die in incredible agony."

Brother Mabob was a member of the Ancient Order of Pessimists on Maryx Minor. A particularly zealous pessimist, Mabob begged the head of his order, the High Hermit, not to admit the Enemy of the Empire Abal Karda when he arrived at the hermitage seeking sanctuary and pursued by Boba Fett.

During the time Karda spent with the pessimists, Mabob was convinced that the Imperial fugitive would kill him at the slightest provocation, prompting the High Hermit to suggest that he was being too pessimistic.

Unfortunately, Mabob's pessimism was not misplaced. While Karda was speaking to the severed head of Selestrine, Mabob overheard as he left Karda's meal outside the door to his cell. Karda was infuriated, thinking that Mabob was spying on him, and shot Mabob dead. Mabob was soon given the proper funeral of the Ancient Order, in which his body was dumped into a pit of lava.

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