"Only undisciplined pilots with a death wish fly the yards."
―Mac Rytin[src]

Mac Rytin was a starfighter pilot who served in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, holding the rank of lieutenant. Rebel pilots at that time frequently tested their skills in the unofficial "pilot proving grounds", competing to set the best time on a series of courses through a Rebel salvage yard hidden in an asteroid field. Rytin was disparaging of the practice; he posted a time in only a single course and dismissed the proving grounds as appealing to pilots with a death wish. Rytin was killed in action[1] some time prior to 3 ABY.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mac Rytin was created for the 1999 LucasArts video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. When launching the pilot proving grounds, several quotes are shown on the screen, including one from Rytin.


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