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Maced Joodsen was the co-pilot and mechanic of the Redshift Runner under captain Elga Arbo.


An efficient starship mechanic and co-pilot from the planet Demar, Maced Joodsen worked with captain Elga Arbo. She had bought a modified Starfeld Industries Z-10 Seeker, the Redshift Runner, and intended to make it a fast ship for courier works; Joodsen helped her in this task.

Arbo borrowed money from Gydio Lucone, an unsavory entrepreneur who wanted her to smuggle for him. As Arbo managed to fulfill monthly payments (and at the same time make herself a reputation), Lucone had nothing to use against her. When she finally delayed, Lucone tried to impound the ship. Arbo refused, the situation went violent and Arbo was seriously injured. With Arbo on the ship, Joodsen piloted it and escaped from Lucone. Soon afterward, Lucone issued a bounty on the ship.

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