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Madmartigan was a male Human knight from Andowyne.[1]


Madmartigan was a knight of Galadoorn until he disgraced himself by having an illicit love affair with a princess. He later took up a sword to fight Queen Bavmorda alongside his childhood friend Airk Thaughbaer.[1]

Madmartigan would vanish a year later when the Cataclysm destroyed Tir Asleen.[1]

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On April 1, 2006, updated its Databank with elements from the film and its spin-off novels, indicating that Willow would be added to the Star Wars continuity. Elaborate databank entries were written which attempted to plausibly fit the film into the history of the Star Wars universe. However, two days later, it was revealed to be an April Fools' joke, and thus non-canon.[2]

However, the two movie franchises do appear together in George Lucas' Super Live Adventure.


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