The Maelibi (singular Maelibus), native to the planet of Iego, were known as Demons by those beings who had visited the planet. They were less well-known than the Diathim, primarily because the Maelibi lived below ground, and rarely left the planet itself.

Biology and appearanceEdit

They were said to resemble the Diathim, although they lacked the wings of the other race with their humanoid bodies seemingly formed from molten gold. They possessed natural claws, razor-sharp teeth, and horns which contributed to their demonic appearance.

Able burrowers, Maelibi used their immense strength, speed, and claws to burrow through the ground rapidly, as well as create vast tunnel networks. Within these networks, the Maelibi would begin to sing, their vocal cords producing pitches specifically designed to disrupt brainwaves, instilling a hypnotic compulsion and confusion in even the strongest sentients; many claimed that their lyrical voices were said to be the embodiment of music itself, with none capable of eluding their siren call. When their prey had been drawn in close enough, the Maelibus would explosively burrow out of the ground, and then drag their screaming prey beneath the surface of the planet, eating them alive.

The skin of a Maelibus was very strong and reflective, causing blaster bolts and brief contact with concentrated energy to reflect right off. This, coupled with their horns, claws, teeth, and iron-hard skin, made them formidable adversaries and the subject of legends.

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