The Maelstrom-class battle cruisers were heavily-armed and expensive Galactic Republic command ships in use during the time of the Clone Wars.


The Maelstrom-class battle cruisers were deployed by the Galactic Republic as command ships. It was heavily armed and carried numerous combat vehicles.[1]

It had a long and thin delta-shaped hull and double command bridges perched over the stern. Each ship cost 158 million credits.[1]

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The Maelstrom was deployed during the campaign in the Cularin system. It was lost saving the system from a Separatist superweapon.[2]

Due to its staggering cost, most of the class never saw action. Following the Declaration of a New Order, the surviving ships were mothballed or used as technology test beds. The Rebel Alliance was able to use one war-torn vessel, the Simoom.[1]

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The Maelstrom appears in Wizards of the Coast Living Force campaign. The class was expanded upon in the later sourcebook Lead by Example, published by Fantasy Flight Games.



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