The Magna Caster-100 was a Magna caster that fired arrows.


The Magna Caster-100 used closely aligned sets of coils to magnetically accelerate an arrow, thereby dramatically increasing the bolts speed as it races down the barrel. The end result was a tremendously powerful weapon based on archaic principles, but enhanced through modern technology. Each caster used a side loading clip of arrows, with each arrow measuring at 15-centimeters long.[1]

While initially designed to attempt to duplicate the Wookiee bowcasters lethality and simplicity of dealing heavy damage to heavily armored targets, the Magna caster-100 ultimately could not compete with the bowcasters explosive quarrels and raw power.[1] However, in trade off for more moderate stopping power, what the Magna Caster-100 lacked in penetration power it made up for in range; possessing twice the range of a bowcaster, the Magna Caster-100 was more than capable of piercing light and medium armors and dealing impressive damage.[2] Additionally, the Magna Caster-100 was whisper quiet, and its quarrels lacked the glow of the characteristic energy sheath that bowcasters imbued.[2][1]

The lack of noise when firing, and an absence of a visible and traceable bolt made it a popular weapon of choice by Alliance Commandoes, who preferred the weapon for it's ability to silently take out an enemy invisibly at long range.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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