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Magna Tolvan was a female human who served as a captain in the Galactic Empire's military during the Galactic Civil War. Following the Battle of Yavin and the Rebel Alliance's subsequent evacuation of their base on Yavin 4, Tolvan was in command of Imperial forces as they investigated the now-deserted base. She was later demoted to Lieutenant and briefly stationed on an Imperial base on Someilk, before being re-assigned to the Inspectorate, as Lieutenant-Inspector on Coruscant. After her success at crippling the criminal organization Son-tuul Pride, however, Tolvan regained the rank of captain.


Captain[3] Magna Tolvan,[4] at one point, was in the words of Admiral Kendal Ozzel, "considered a candidate for greatness." Under the command of General Cassio Tagge, she was responsible for the security on Eadu,[3] a planet that hosted a research and development facility of the Tarkin Initiative.[5] In 0 BBY,[6] however, a band of Rebels sent to assassinate the scientist Galen Erso wreaked havoc at the facility,[7] which Tolvan could not prevent.[3]

First Encounter with Doctor AphraEdit

Tolvan Yavin 4

Tolvan on Yavin 4 in pursuit of Aphra and her crew.

Although Tagge proved to be a rather forgiving superior toward Tolvan, she was still assigned to a punishment duty on the uninhabited moon Yavin 4. There, the captain was to comb the Great Temple, which had been the Rebels' main base until they were forced to evacuate. On Yavin 4, Tolvan's operations were disrupted by Chelli Aphra, her father, Black Krrsantan and the droids BT-1 and 0-0-0.[1]

The Citadel of RurEdit

Thinking Aphra and the others were part of the Rebel Alliance, Tolvan engaged them in a ground skirmish. Although her troops greatly outnumbered Krrsantan in size and power, Krrsantan was able to defeat them.[3] Wanting to redeem herself, Tolvan and her remaining troops followed Aphra to the Citadel of Rur,[8] where they became caught in the crossfire between Aphra and Rur.[9]

Aphra came to the aid of Tolvan and took her aboard the Ark Angel II. When Tolvan threatened to shoot Aphra with her blaster, Aphra's father stabbed her in the shoulder with Rur's lightsaber, effectively subduing her. Tolvan was then left stranded on an unknown planet in the Outer Rim; Aphra acknowledged that she should kill Tolvan, but decided not to, due to her attraction to Tolvan.[9]

Demotion to SomeilkEdit

"I'll bet you've got all kinds of stories."
"Less than I'd hoped for."
―Aphra and Tolvan bond during the criminal raid on Someilk[src]

Following her run-in with Aphra, Tolvan was once again demoted. As a Lieutenant, she was assigned to an Imperial base on the planet Someilk in the Outer Rim. After being taunted for her demotion by her new superior, Captain Punfor, Tolvan reflected on her failures and wondered what advice her old mentor, Thanoth would give her.

Aphra holds Tolvan captive

Aphra holds Tolvan captive during the raid on Somelik.

The base was soon attacked by a gang of criminals, accompanied by Aphra (under the orders of 0-0-0). Tolvan was shocked by the reappearance of Aphra and shot at her. Tolvan attempted to take control of the criminals' ship, but was apprehended by Aphra and held at gunpoint.[4]

As Aphra's team infiltrated the base, Aphra kept Tolvan captive on the ship and conversed with her. Tolvan pressed for Aphra's identity, but Aphra only referred to herself by the pseudonym of "Joystick Chevron". When Aphra once again flirted with her, Tolvan expressed her feelings of self-consciousness regarding her cybernetics. During their conversation, Aphra apologized for her actions that led to Tolvan's demotion. Aphra insisted her attraction to Tolvan was genuine, and instead of killing her, merely stunned her before escaping with the rest of the criminals. Tolvan appeared to be the only surviving member of the base after the rest of it was destroyed by Rexa Go.[4]

Due to the destruction of the base, Tolvan was issued a third demerit and was imprisoned, awaiting execution.[2]

Appointment to the InspectorateEdit

While in her cell prior to her scheduled execution, Tolvan had a dream Aphra broke in and rescued her. Tolvan also appeared to be attracted to Aphra, as she dreamed of them kissing; Tolvan was subsequently awakened by her cell guard.[2]

Lieutenant Inspector Tolvan

Tolvan at the Inspectorate HQ on Coruscant.

Tolvan's execution was interrupted when a messenger arrived with a note from headquarters; Tolvan had been named Thanoth's legatee, and, due to his death, Tolvan was reassigned to the Inspectorate. The reassignment had been delayed due to the destruction of Scarif and the confusion of Tolvan being previously demoted to Lieutenant.[2]

Due to her new position, Tolvan's execution was cancelled, as investigative branches of the Empire operated on a four-demerit system, unlike the three-demerit system of the field corps. Tolvan reprimanded the Sergeant major in charge of her execution and issued him a demerit (which would result in his own execution).[2]

At the Imperial Inspectorate HQ on Coruscant, Tolvan searched the access database in order to discover the real identity of "Joystick Chevron". Although her search returned a result, it was listed under "Directive 081-Omega", whose contents had been deleted. Tolvan ran a search of Thanoth's personal files in order to find the Directive 081-Omega, where it was revealed that a 081-Omega Rating was the Empire's highest authority to access and alter records. Through his I.D. file, Tolvan discovered that at the time of Thanoth's death, he had been serving as an adjutant to Darth Vader.[2]

Trip to Skako MinorEdit

Aphra's arrival on Skako Minor tripped Tolvan's active search filters, which alerted Tolvan to Aphra's whereabouts. Tolvan took a shuttle and a small crew of Imperial troops with her to Skako Minor, where they accidentally crash-landed in the Hellhulk station that housed Wat Tambor's workshop. The crash damaged an ancient techno-totem inside the workshop that controlled a Chthonic worm god. Tolvan ordered her stormtroopers to fire on Aphra's crew, but they were interrupted by the attacks of the now-awakened worm god. While seeking shelter from the assault, Tolvan and Aphra briefly held each other at gunpoint before the worm god disarmed them. Tolvan and Aphra were able to take shelter in a mechanical shaft after they used one of Aphra's Tooka clones to create an explosive diversion. However, the worm god continued to pursue them.[10]

Aphra tolvan kiss

Aphra and Tolvan kiss.

Tolvan and Aphra argued while they were trapped inside the mechanical shaft. Aphra blamed Tolvan for accidentally awakening the worm god, while Tolvan retorted that it was Aphra's fault that Tolvan had lost her rank, faced a firing squad, and been nearly blown up by Aphra's Tooka. Tolvan stated that Aphra was "the worst thing alive" and that she would see Aphra incarcerated. After realizing the ancient techno-totem had ended up in the shaft with them, the two shared a laugh. With the worm god nearly upon them, and believing it to be their last moments, Aphra and Tolvan shared a passionate kiss.[10]

However, one of Aphra's droidekas, Dek-Nil, intentionally caused a stormtrooper to misfire; the misfire struck the workshop's ceiling and the worm god was crushed under the falling debris, thus saving Aphra and Tolvan. Tolvan asked Aphra to tell her her name. Tolvan explained to Aphra that Aphra's file was marked in the Imperial records and Tolvan was afraid someone higher up would eventually step in. Aphra replied that Tolvan should stay away from her, for her own safety. She advised Tolvan to leave, but the two were spotted by Rexa. Aphra then shot Rexa and allowed Tolvan to escape unnoticed.[10]

However, Tolvan later boarded Aphra's ship along with the remainder of Aphra's crew, after disguising herself by wearing the pelt of Defel mercenary Glahst Ombra.[10]

Behind the scenesEdit

In Alexander Freed's novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it is mentioned that a female garrison commander stepped forward to offer Krennic a welcome, but the Director waved her off.[11] On Twitter, Freed commented that, while the commander in question could be Tolvan, he was not aware of her existence when he wrote the novel, and cannot make that call himself.[12]


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