The magna caster was a quiet weapon that fired arrow-like projectiles.


The magna caster was a distant relative of the Wookiee bowcaster, though they lacked the distinctive crossarm design present in crossbows and bowcasters. They also lacked the penetration and power of a bowcaster, opting instead for more moderate firepower and a longer range.[1] Magna casters used a portable magnetic field generator to accelerate a projectile such as a bolt or quarrel to high velocities. This feature made magna casters both powerful and silent, making it an appealing weapon to assassins, as well as hunters who tracked prey easily spooked by noisy blasters.[2]

A magna caster used a case of bolts instead of a power pack. The case had a capacity of 10 shots, after which it needed to be replaced. A case of 10 bolts cost 50 credits and weighed 1 kilogram.[1]

Because of its exotic design, a user unfamiliar with the magna caster would require training before he could develop the ability to wield the weapon proficiently.[1]

A notable model was the Magna Caster-100 manufactured by Frohad Galactic Firearms.


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