One of Magnum group Container Transports

"Magnum One reporting in. We're all stocked up and ready to go!"
―Magnum One captain to Sabra crew[src]

Magnum was a trio of Container Transports in the service of the Twin Suns Transport Services and the Azzameen family. It served with them during several vital cargo runs during the Galactic Civil War.

When the Galactic Empire and Viraxo Industries attacked the Azzameen family assets, Magnum group managed to evacuate the Twin Suns Service Platform before the enemy seized the facility.

Some time later, when Ace Azzameen and Aeron Azzameen attacked a Viraxo XQ3 Platform 1, Magnum Group came in and stole all of the warheads within the site. A Black Sun task force tried to stop them, but Ace Azzameen fought them off with the Sabra. Magnum Group escaped with their supplies and delivered the cargo to three Rebel CR90 corvettes Ithor. Magnum Group then returned to the rest of the Azzameen family's forces.