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Dash: "You should have worn old clothes."
Lando: "Hey, Rendar, I don't have any old clothes."
Dash: "You do now."
Dash Rendar, teasing Lando Calrissian, after he slips and falls in the Coruscant sewer[src]
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Praven was a male pureblood Sith who served the reconstituted Empire as a Sith Lord and later protected the Galactic Republic as a member of the Jedi Order. Trained as a Sith Warrior by Darth Angral, Praven participated in the attack on the Jedi Temple on the Republic capital of Coruscant at the end of the Great Galactic War in 3653 BBY. In the subsequent Cold War, Praven took on Angral's son Tarnis as his own apprentice and trained the Human as a Sith Lord, but Praven's training was not enough to prevent Tarnis' death at the hands of a young Jedi Knight when Tarnis attempted to unleash the Planet Prison superweapon against Coruscant near the end of the Cold War. Angral's pursuit of revenge drove him to dispatch his apprentices across the galaxy in order to steal other Republic weapons projects, and Praven acquired the Shock Drum weapon on the planet Tatooine after defeating the Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks.

However, Praven's sense of honor caused him to disobey his Master and challenge the Jedi Knight to a duel instead of destroying Tatooine with the Shock Drum, and the Knight was able to convince the Sith Lord to abandon the dark side and become a Jedi. Finding a new purpose as a Jedi Padawan, Praven learned the ways of the light side and gladly joined the Republic Military in defending the planet Corellia during the Battle of Corellia when the Galactic War broke out with the Empire. Under the leadership of the instrument of his redemption, the Jedi Knight now known as the Hero of Tython, Praven and the rest of the Outer Rim Jedi Forces foiled the plans of the Sith Emperor and prevented the Dark Jedi Tol Braga from killing thousands of civilians. (Read more…)
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In 3680 BBY, during the second year of the Great Galactic War, a battle occurred between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic in the Seswenna sector of the Outer Rim Territories. This was the second battle in the Seswenna sector that the conflict had seen, and like the first, it was waged with the goal of breaking the Imperial blockade of the Rimma Trade Route—a super-hyperroute that ran through the region and supplied resources to the southern reaches of the Outer Rim. Unlike the first battle of the Seswenna sector, this effort proved to be successful, and the Republic Navy was able to regroup after their earlier defeat to overcome the forces of the Imperial Armada. The Sith were forced off of the Rimma Trade Route, which opened the hyperspace lane to usage by the Republic Military to resupply their fighting forces on Outer Rim fronts, like the contested Minos Cluster. (Read more…)

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