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Slyssk: "I've heard it all my life. 'How did your egg get into the nest, Slyssk?'"
Gryph: "I understand. Kids can be cruel."
Slyssk: "What kids? That was my mother!"
Slyssk and Marn Hierogryph[src]
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Unidentified warrior

Arbeloa, also referred to as Arb, was a male member and sole survivor of the Cilare, a species of warriors whom the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong exterminated around 25 ABY at the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was able to transmit a message warning others of the threat of the invaders before being taken captive. His transmission was intercepted by the crew of the Pythea, an exploratory ship that was traveling along the edge of the galaxy, to whom he relayed his story. However, the crew of the ship was killed during an encounter with Yuuzhan Vong vessels before they could warn Artorias, a peaceful planet located in the Outer Rim Territories that the Yuuzhan Vong later captured. Arbeloa went on to join forces with the Artorian princess, Kaye Galfridian, and other slaves in a revolt on the Tsam P'ah, the slaveship aboard which they were being help captive. He then accompanied the Galfridians aboard the former Yuuzhan Vong ship, now renamed the Heart of Artorias, in their quest to rescue the refugees from Artorias. During his travels on the Heart of Artorias, he participated in battles on Dibrook and Shramar. (Read more…)

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Shmorg and Friends

Shmorg was a Gran male who worked as a bounty hunter on the moon of Sulon, in the city of Barons Hed during the year 5 ABY. Along with four other Gran, he attended a local cantina, where they ordered several refreshments. When Shmorg offered to pick up the tab, another Gran opted to buy the drinks instead, a move with which Shmorg did not agree. All of the Gran became involved in an argument over who was going to pay for the drinks, which resulted in an unarmed brawl. Shmorg's fight was ended by the novice Jedi Kyle Katarn, who killed all of the Gran when they turned to attack him. (Read more…)

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