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"The sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible."
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Spilferithimus-narlamos, often called Spilfer for short, was a blue-furred Squib male diplomat—a status that allowed him to sign agreements on behalf of his entire species. Sometime between 0 and 2 ABY, the Squib King, Ebareebaveebeedee, charged the diplomat with leading a group of Rebel Alliance operatives through the Paradise system to obtain a "quest object" for the Squibs. In exchange, the King agreed to provide the coordinates of the Imperial armored transport Elusive, which had information that could compromise Rebel operations in several sectors. Spilferithimus-narlamos and the Squibs neglected to mention key facts: the system consisted mostly of garbage—including pieces of the Galactic Empire's destroyed Death Star battlestation—the "quest object" was a gravity well projector that kept the system from complete collapse, and the Squibs' hereditary rivals, the Ugors, controlled Paradise and considered the quest-object to be part of their holiest shrine.

Spilferithimus-narlamos disguised himself to sneak past the Ugor officials who greeted the Rebel starship. However, he was discovered by the Ugor Tax Chaplain GrrKack, and the Rebels were forced to pay an exorbitant sum for bringing a "demon of a Squib" into the holy system. Nevertheless, Spilferithimus-narlamos led his charges into a large piece of Death Star wreckage, where he filled his many pouches with refuse amassed with a large garbage grabber until the group reached the "quest object." The Rebels extricated the gravity well projector, slipped it past a band of crime lord Jabba the Hutt's pirates who sought the projector for their employer, and brought the loot back to their shuttle. However, the removal of the projector threw the delicate gravitational balance of the system off kilter, turning it into chaotic field of debris. Spilferithimus-narlamos manned the shuttle's tractor beams to deflect dangerous pieces of garbage from striking the vessel as it fought off the miffed Ugors in their battle-wagons and escaped into hyperspace. Back on the Squib Momship, Spilferithimus-narlamos and the Squibs exchanged the coordinates of the Elusive for the gravity well projector—an item for which they had no other use than to bother their rivals, the Ugors. After more spirited haggling, Ebareebaveebeedee handed over the projector for the Rebels to use in their continued hunt for the Elusive, and he declared a pact of mutual support between the Squibs and the Rebel Alliance, Spilferithimus-narlamos attesting. (Read more…)
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The InterGalactic Banking Clan operated a treasury space station located in the intergalactic void, halfway between the main galactic disk and the Rishi Maze satellite galaxy. Though primarily used as a storehouse and a communications relay, the space station was modified by the Banking Clan on the eve of the Clone Wars to function as a shipyard capable of manufacturing Munificent-class star frigates for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (Read more…)

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