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Tharan: "I regret that our liaison must… come to an end."
Barsen'thor: "So Holiday has spoken to you."
Tharan: "An agreement has been reached. I cease any advances to you, and in return, Holiday will not… electrify my bunk at random intervals."
Tharan Cedrax and the Barsen'thor, after Holiday discovers that they slept together[src]
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Theol Drost2

Theol Drost was a Human male Imperial Army officer serving the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. As a high colonel, Drost commanded the Army detachment committed to the assault on Picutorion, an engagement that was part of the Kwymar Suppressions, alongside his Imperial Navy counterpart, Commodore Bevven. During the battle, Drost deferred to the judgment of Imperial Security Bureau officer Mar Barezz in allowing two of his men, Captain Ganig and Sergeant Stecker, to be killed in action to prevent the possibility of two decorated heroes of the Empire defecting to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Drost spent the next decade commanding various space installations until receiving a promotion to general and command of the security of the Bilbringi Shipyards.

In 9 ABY, Bilbringi fell under the aegis of Thrawn's confederation and was responsible for building new Star Destroyers. A raid on the facility conducted by the smugglers Mazzic and Ellor resulted in the destruction of a nearly-completed Star Destroyer and revealed flaws in General Drost's security setup. Rather than punish the general, Grand Admiral Thrawn gave Drost thirty hours to revise Bilbringi's security system. Drost's revisions did not, however, stand up to an assault on the Bilbringi system by a New Republic fleet, and he was removed from command shortly after. (Read more…)
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