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"Five-second fuses are incredibly accurate…give or take two seconds."
―Demolition tech rule[src]
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The Kintan crushers, also known as Kintan enforcers and a host of other names, were a species of powerfully-built creatures from the planet Kintan in Hutt Space. They were related to the semi-sentient Kintan striders, a species they surpassed in intelligence. Indeed, the Kintan crushers' obedience and ability to follow complex orders made them a favorite source for enforcers for members of the Hutt Cartel, and the species had been subject to centuries of domestication by the Hutts by the time of the Cold War. Crushers were built to pound and bash: while their legs were short and stocky, their upper body and arms were immense and helped propel their meaty fists in combat. They became savage opponents in battle, slapping, stomping, and bashing foes and even causing minor groundquakes. Crushers varied in size from slightly taller than an adult Human to truly gargantuan proportions. While the Hutts often employed beast masters to manage crushers in captivity, the species were capable of surviving in the wild by foraging. Crushers roamed the grounds of both the palace of Fa'athra the Hutt and that of Karagga the Hutt on the planet of Nal Hutta. Among these, Foreman Crusher was the most immense and formidable, guarding the entrance to Karagga's palace until being defeated by a group of invaders. Kintan crushers also lived beyond the borders of Hutt Space during the Cold War and its aftermath, with one specimen roaming the Clabburn Tundra of the planet of Hoth. (Read more…)

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A male member of a diminutive species, Fud Sang was an inmate at a maximum-security detention center known as Desolation Alley, located on the Outer Rim planet Oovo IV. While incarcerated around 32 BBY, during the final decades of the Galactic Republic, Sang was considered a mediocre pilot at best. Nevertheless, the prison warden, Fenn Booda, occasionally granted Sang the opportunity to participate in Podraces that Booda hosted in the prison, which provided the inmates a form of entertainment. Piloting a BRE Block6 Tri-Ram Podracer, Sang managed to garner intimate knowledge of one of the planet's courses and became quite successful there. Sang's success eventually led him to being allowed to race on the ice world Ando Prime, where his improving piloting skills also acquired him popularity. (Read more…)

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