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Anakin: "Let me explain something to you. My name is Anakin Solo, and this is my friend Tahiri Veila. We are Jedi Knights, some of the people you came here to betray to the Yuuzhan Vong. If you lie to us, we'll know it. If you try to keep something from us, we'll find it out. The only uncertain factor is how much we'll have to damage you to do so."
Remis Vehn: "They were right. You Jedi and your high-minded ideals — it's all smoke screen."
Anakin: "Next time I'm trying to capture children for Yuuzhan Vong sacrifices, I'll be sure to have a talk about 'high-minded ideals' with you."
Anakin Solo, with Remis Vehn, trapped on Yavin 4[src]
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The Talisman of the Raven was a ring used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir as a Talisman of Transformation that allowed the user to assume the form of a raven. According to Mother Talzin, who led the united clans of Nightsisters during the Clone Wars, the Talisman would tap into the prime raven spirit in the spirit world and lend its powers to the user. Originally held under the custodianship of a Shaman of the Nightsisters, it was stolen by Sister Charal, one of the Dathomiri witches. She fled to the moon Endor and never returned the Talisman to the coven.

Charal used it to great effect during her service to the Sanyassan Marauders, a band of Sanyassan pirates. However, the Talisman was later seized by the Marauders' leader, King Terak, who wore it around his neck. Eventually, the ring was destroyed in an encounter with the moon's native Ewoks. The great power of the ring was unleashed upon Terak, burning him to death. As Charal was flying around in raven form during the fight, the untimely destruction of the Talisman trapped her in this shape with no hope of escape. (Read more…)

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The Battle of Talay was one of the earliest battles of the Great Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Occurring sometime between 3681 BBY and 3677 BBY, the Empire launched its first incursion into the galaxy's Mid Rim, but was met with defeat. Broysc, a military officer who would later become a Moff, commanded the Imperial forces during the conflict at Talay only to watch the battle conclude in a Republic victory. (Read more…)

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