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"You Rebel scum."
Lieutenant Renz, to Han Solo[src]
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Nullada was a hermaphrodite Shell Hutt, a clan of the Hutt species, with a male persona. By 1 BBY, the immense being, who used a repulsorlift cylinder to stay mobile, was one of the elders and leaders of the Shell Hutts on their planetoid base of Circumtore. That year, Oph Nar Dinnid, who had a bounty on his head, traveled to Circumtore for refuge, and a group of bounty hunters led by the infamous Boba Fett followed him. However, although Dinnid was worth money to the Shell Hutts and Nullada, Gheeta, another Shell Hutt, took out his old grudge against Fett by killing Dinnid and sending mercenaries to attack the hunters. In the resulting battle, Gheeta was killed, and the mercenaries all but destroyed, leaving Fett and the surviving hunters victorious. Fett speculated that Nullada would be the one to seize most of Gheeta's estate after the Shell Hutt's death. (Read more…)

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Andray was a male individual who served as Moff of one of the Imperial Remnant's remaining eight sectors in the Outer Rim near the end of the Galactic Civil War. In 19 ABY, he took part in a meeting in Moff Disra's palace on the planet Bastion, the Imperial capital, in which Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon described his plan to open peace talks with the New Republic to the remaining Moffs. After the meeting, Andray reluctantly supported opening peace talks. (Read more…)

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