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Juhani: "The Jedi, they were almost... like gods..."
Revan: "Damn straight! I DO look divine!"
Revan shows how modest Jedi are to a reminiscing Juhani[src]
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Horax attack

Horaxes were large non-sentient, reptilian creatures native to the Outer Rim planet of Nelvaan. Their powerful muscular frames could grow over fifteen meters tall. Solitary and territorial, horaxes only gathered in pairs for mating purposes or to fight over territory. Nelvaanian locals used the scales of the horaxes' tails to make a special elixir, the scent of which could drive away horaxes for an entire year. During the Clone Wars, the horax population began to decline due to climate change caused by a local siphon generator operated by the Techno Union. In 19 BBY, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker killed a horax after being attacked, disrupting the initiation ritual of a young Nelvaanian boy in the process. (Read more…)

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