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"Only heroes die. Villains and cowards are left to suffer."
Adalric Cessius Brandl[src]
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Corporal beezer

Dansra Beezer was a Human female native of the planet Alderaan who held the rank of corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic by 4 ABY. She was a slicer, technician, and communications specialist who trained under Sergeant Brooks Carlson to serve as a scout for the Alliance commandos. In 4 ABY, Beezer was part of a strike team sent to the Forest Moon of Endor to deactivate the planetary shield generator protecting the Galactic Empire's second Death Star battlestation in orbit around the moon. Part of the strike team's Renegade Squadron detachment, Beezer was responsible for communications. After arriving on Endor, Beezer and the strike team were separated from the command crew following encounters with Imperial scout trooper patrols. Eventually, they encountered an All Terrain Scout Transport while making camp for the night. Beezer, whose role included jamming Imperial transmissions in case of emergencies, did so with the walker's transmissions. She later fought in the Battle of Endor, which ended with the destruction of the shield generator, allowing Alliance starfighters to destroy the Death Star.

At some point after 5 ABY, Beezer served as a sergeant in the New Republic's Intelligence Service. She worked alongside her commanding officer, Major Bren Derlin, in a mission to suspend the Reuss Corporation's rule over the planet Reuss VIII by aiding Calian shockboxer Lobar Aybock in a match that the corporation had set him up to lose with the intent of subsequently selling his organs. Beezer worked as a slicer to protect Aybock from a hostile rival employed by Reussi Torel Vorne of the Reuss Corporation, whose intent was to ensure Aybock's death. Ultimately, the New Republic succeeded in the mission, Aybock won his match, and the Reuss Corporation lost control of Reuss VIII, with the New Republic taking over the planet's government. (Read more…)
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The Scupper Bantoo was a CorelliSpace Gymsnor-2 light freighter operated by the Bith Maddie Macatten in the Kathol Outback. Battered and considered to be an obsolete design by 12 BBY, the vessel formerly belonged to Macatten's slave master. When her master was killed by an Aing-Tii ship while on a trading junket, Macatten took the craft from its dock on Kal'Shebbol, the capital planet of the Kathol sector. Macatten used the Scupper Bantoo to supply the colonies of the Kathol Outback with replacement parts and luxury items, as well as to track down information regarding the Aing-Tii. (Read more…)

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