Maja was a Squib scavenger. In 3.5 ABY, he negotiated the right to salvage parts from the spare pile of Rithgar's Shadowport on the second moon of Kothlis. There, he found a Plexus Droid Vessel (PDV) that looked like it might make a good starship with the proper modifications. Under the terms of his contract, it was his, so he opened the contraption and went to work. To his chagrin, the PDV closed and trapped him inside. When he felt the vessel being lifted and transported from the area, he was powerless to protest.[1]

The PDV was finally opened from the outside, and Maja found himself on Kothlis confronted by a band of scoundrels who thought that they were the rightful owners of the salvage. The Squib quickly activated the unit and made his escape, leading the interlopers on a wild chase through the forest. The strangers managed to stop him, and Maja realized he would have to make a deal with them. He decided to part with the PDV—for a price—and even offered his services to reprogram it; the strangers seemed keen to introduce false information into the device's data systems.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Maja appears as a gamemaster-controlled character in the adventure outline "Operation: Recovery" for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game from West End Games.[1]


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