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The Majestic Gundark was an YT-1300 light freighter with only slight modifications, including an upper and a lower turret. It was used by the eco-terrorist Army of Life.[1]

Army agent Del Binjitt piloted the Gundark to Naboo as a part of Operation: Clodhopper. The Gundark was then loaded with dangerous bio-material (clodhopper eggs) while Binjitt found independent agents to pilot the ship to Stend IV. The bio-material would devastate Gran colonies of Stend IV, should it arrive there. Meanwhile, the ship was left on docking bay 33 of Kwilaan spaceport.[1]

The independent agents reached docking bay 33, but they were being followed by port authorities. They had to fight their way till the ship, and then take off.[1]

However, they could not abandon Naboo before dealing with lieutenant Davonn and his partner in two N-1 fighters. The Gundark reached hyperspace, but Davonn managed to track its vector and reported to his superiors.[1]

The Gundark then traveled to Stend IV, but the Jedi Council had been informed and they had sent a Padawan, Dree-Tekes, who reached Stend IV before the Gundark did. Dree-Tekes recruited four local Gran militiamen to fight the Gundark and its crew when it arrived; they were provided with blaster carbines, a heavy blaster cannon and a grenade launcher.[1]

The Gundark reached the biggest settlement on Stend IV, Gev-Toosa, but Dree-Tekes and her men were waiting for her and greeted the ship with the grenade launcher. The crew then tried to land and strike back.[1]



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