"Gunthar, my child, welcome. Please report."

The Majjvara was the monarch and progenitor of the Yvarema species, laying eggs and creating the various classes of Yvarema society. At the end of their lifespan, each Majjvara created a replacement Majjvara to carry on.


For much of Yvarema history, the Majjvara biologically laid eggs in a protected cave. With the advent of sufficient technology, the egg laying process was eliminated. The Majjvara began to produce embyronic cells that were nutured in incubators. Because of this, the lifespan of the Majjvara was increased to around four hundred years.

The Yvarema were totally loyal to the Majjvara, and needed her for their society to function. Likewise, the Majjvara needed the Yvarema to tend to her.


The Majjvara was a massive creature, but could not move under her own power. Later Majjvaras sat on a throne connected to the computers that ran the incubation chambers for the Yvarema fetuses. She had to rely on other Yvarema to feed and tend to her, and to protect her if she was ever threatened.

The Yvarema hive-intelligence relied on the Majjvara. She acted as its nexus, and could access any skill or knowledge possessed by an individual Yvarema.

The Majjvara circa 8 ABYEdit

In 8 ABY, the crew of the FarStar encountered the Majjvara when they helped Gunthar return home. This Majjvara was nearing the end of her lifespan, and allied herself with the New Republic after sharing the experiences of Gunthar. When the FarStar fought off the Qektoth Confederation, the Majjvara was convinced by Gunthar and Qesya Vth'naar to create a new class of Yvarema, the FarStar warriors. This act shortened her lifespan, and she died shortly after the FarStar left the planet.