"Lieutenant Mak'eef, callsign Babe. Heavy weapons specialist. He used to be a pacifist and a card shark. He started the fighting at Fort Klemark. Thought his fellow soldiers had poisoned his rations."
―General Elin Garza[src]

Mak'eef, callsign Babe, was a Human male who served as a lieutenant in the Republic Army and member of Eclipse Squad, a Republic Special Forces Division squad created during the Galactic War. Prior to his induction into Eclipse Squad, Mak'eef was a card shark and a pacifist;[2] he was anxious and self-assured, and signed up as an alternative to fretting over the war,[3] serving as the unit's heavy weapons specialist. He, like the rest of Eclipse Squad, was implanted with experimental Rakata cybernetics recovered from the planet Rakata Prime. However, the implants drove the unit insane, and Mak'eef—believing that the other soldiers had poisoned his food—started a fight at Fort Klemark on Altair 9 that resulted in Eclipse Squad massacring the entire Republic garrison. General Elin Garza tracked the rogue unit to Rishi, where she recruited Eclipse Squad's predecessors Havoc Squad to draw out and kill all members of Eclipse Squad.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mak'eef appears as an enemy in "Eclipse Squad," a class mission for the Trooper in the Shadow of Revan expansion for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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