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The Maker, also known The One Who Creates, was a being often referred to in deity-like terms by droids. Droids claimed that the Maker was the being that created the first droid. He changed them from simple machines into intelligent creations. Another belief was that The Maker was actually the first droid.[1]

It seemed curious that new droids would possess knowledge of the Maker, which led to two conclusions: new droids were told by old droids, creating a chain, or droid manufacturers included knowledge of the Maker in droid programming to make them easier to control.

The Maker was also central to the religion of the Sunesi people, who also called him the Giver. They viewed him as the giver of life and a master being "with a fine and glorious creativity and affection," often adding a sense of humor to his qualities.[2]

Mon Mothma believed in a Maker as well.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

In a tribute to C-3PO's exclamation "Thank the Maker!", some Star Wars fans refer to George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, as "The Maker".



Notes and referencesEdit

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