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"I spent two summers with Papa on Null, after he and Mama split up. He taught me everything he could. And then he got killed."
Mirta Gev[src]

Makin Marec was a Human male Mandalorian, who came into contact with the bounty hunter Ailyn Vel some time prior to the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy. While Vel had initially been interested in Mandalorians only in an effort to better understand and hunt her estranged father, Boba Fett, Marec and Vel eventually entered into a relationship, married, and conceived a daughter together whom they named Mirta. Marec's relationship with Vel ultimately came to an end, though Marec continued to care for his daughter. Spending two summers on the planet Null with Mirta, Marec taught his daughter about Mandalorian culture, language, and anything else he could. Some time later, Marec perished aboard a starship during a hull breach, leaving Mirta to mourn the loss of her father.


"Why'd Ailyn marry a Mando? Sintas must have warned her we're bad news."
"She hung around Mando'ade to get a better idea of how to hunt you. Then she met Papa. It didn't last."
"She cared about him."
"And she let him make a Mando of you.''"
Boba Fett and Mirta Gev[src]

A Human male, Makin Marec was a Mandalorian soldier.[1] Some time after the fall of the Galactic Empire,[2] Marec met the bounty hunter Ailyn Vel. In an effort to better understand and hunt her estranged father, Boba Fett, Vel had taken to spending time among Mandalorians, eventually coming into contact with Marec. Marec and Vel began a relationship, and later married, even coming to conceive a daughter together whom they named Mirta. However, Vel and Marec's relationship was not to last, and the two later divorced.[1]

As she grew, Mirta spent two summers with her father on the planet Null,[1] a world in the galaxy's Mid Rim.[3] There, Makin Marec taught Mirta everything he could during their time together, including lessons about her Mandalorian heritage and the culture she had a connection to. Marec eventually died aboard a starship, during an unfortunate hull breach, leaving Mirta to mourn the loss of one of her parents. Years later, Mirta recalled her father and his influence on her life during a number of brief conversations with her maternal grandfather, Boba Fett, following a reconciliation between the estranged family members. Fett credited Makin Marec with Mirta's decision to grow up Mandalorian.[1]

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First given a nameless mention in the novel Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines, written by author Karen Traviss and published in 2006, Makin Marec was later named and further detailed in Traviss' 2007 second entry into the Legacy of the Force novel series, entitled Sacrifice. Marec was later indirectly mentioned in Traviss' subsequent novel, Revelation, and given an informational entry in the 2008 reference book, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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