"I am Makna-Ha and I have caused war. Voss kill Voss. Thousands dead. Only through war will Voss survive. Real war, not mock. Slaughter. I have seen. It was interpreted. The Three declared. It must be. I will spend eternity in tears."
Writings of Makna-Ha[src]

Makna-Ha was a Voss Mystic living on Voss many years before the planet was discovered by the galactic society. His vision showed the need for a civil war between the Voss. As every vision was followed without question, a bloody conflict left thousands of Voss dead, but not Makna-Ha himself, who was devastated by his vision's result. Makna-Ha recorded his thoughts in the Writings of Makna-Ha on a carving outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths.