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Leia Organa Solo as the Mal'ary'ush.

Mal'ary'ush was Honoghran for daughter of the savior.

The savior in question was Darth Vader, whom the Noghri people revered. Years earlier, a starship carrying noxious chemicals crashed on Honoghr and threatened to destroy the entire planet. They believed Emperor Palpatine sent Vader to the planet to help them, but in reality Palpatine was responsible for the devastation of Honoghr, as a way to bend their allegiance to the Galactic Empire.

The daughter was Leia Organa Solo, who years later would find herself at the mercy of the Noghri people in the Republic's battle against their new master, Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, one Noghri, Khabarakh, through the use of the sense of smell inherent to the Noghri—acute enough to smell even one's bloodline—discovered she was the daughter of Vader and pledged to help her escape Imperial custody. Later, Leia would reveal the treachery of Palpatine to the Noghri, which emboldened them to finally break their allegiance to the Galactic Empire.



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