Mal Coramma was a male Chagrian who worked for the Black Sun.


Mal Coramma's early life was a mystery, but his service with the Coruscant chapter of the Black Sun criminal syndicate was well-documented. Responsible for keeping the local criminals, such as Quetemoor and Beuga Odell, from stepping on Black Sun's toes, he had been a major player in the Coruscanti underworld. Following the death of Black Sun vigo Prince Xizor, Coramma allied himself with Xizor's niece, Savan. When she failed to resurrect Black Sun, the Chagrian envoy went to ground, keeping his distance from resurgent criminal organizations such as Quetemoor's. Three years later, after the New Republic's capture of Coruscant, Coramma sought out some of his old contacts and began working to restore the Black Sun organization to its former power and prestige on the capital world.

Personality and traitsEdit

A fastidious perfectionist, Coramma had a Coruscanti accent and meticulously polished horns which befitted his role as a highly-skilled professional.