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Mal GBC 1
Malastare drag course 1
General information


Track information

Methane lakes, rocks[1]

Track favorite

Dud Bolt[1]

Historical information

Rise of the Empire era[1]

A drag course used for Podracing existed on the Mid Rim planet of Malastare. The race was notable for several sharp turns and long straightaways that served as opportunities to boost through. The track also moved through a sizable methane lake. The Vulptereen pilot Dud Bolt was favored here, and would challenge other pilots to one-on-one matches on the course.[1] Dud Bolt was also the track favorite of another Malastare course known as the Malastare 100.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

The course first appeared, unnamed, in the 1999 Gameboy Color video game Star Wars: Episode I Racer. It's one of five courses available at the start of the game.[1]

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