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"I'm a top-notch pilot, military strategist and a deadly shot. I can fly this ship, plan your battles, assess your enemies and kill them. You won't find a more tireless and loyal subject. I offer my military prowess and dedicate every ounce of my strength to your cause."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Malavai Quinn was a male Human Imperial officer who served as a companion to the Empire's Wrath during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


"I owe Darth Baras more than you can imagine."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Born around 3680 BBY, Malavai Quinn became an Imperial officer at the time of the galactic Cold War, in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War. Quinn's reputation had been disgraced under questionable circumstances at the Battle of Druckenwell, which he blamed on the incompetence of his commanding officer, Moff Broysc.

Quinn's military disgrace resulted in being transferred to a dead-end assignment on the divided planet Balmorra during the Cold War. There, his true natural talents were discovered by the Sith Lord Darth Baras. Baras recruited Quinn into his intelligence network of operatives at many levels.

Eventually, Lieutenant Quinn was introduced to Baras' Sith apprentice, who was on Balmorra searching for information on a Jedi Padawan of Nomen Karr. With Quinn's help, the apprentice's mission ultimately proved successful. Quinn himself played a vital role in having personally prevented the Jedi Knight Mashallon from leaking information about Baras' network of spies back to the Jedi Master.

Baras chose to reward now-Captain Quinn by allowing him to depart Balmorra to aid in the apprentice's mission. Quinn remained at the Warrior's side, even when Baras attempted to kill his apprentice and the Emperor's Hand recruited the Warrior as the Emperor's Wrath.

Malavai Quinn

On Balmorra, Quinn demonstrated quick thinking and initiative in foiling the actions of the Jedi Mashallon.

When the Wrath went to Corellia to protect Darth Vowrawn, Quinn claimed that Baras had installed martial law on the planet, preventing any authorized ship from landing. He then lured the Wrath to a space station, where he revealed that he was actually still working for Darth Baras. Although Quinn admitted it was wrong, he stated Baras was the one who put him in the military and he wouldn't be in that position if it weren't for the Sith. After incapacitating the Wrath's companion, Quinn unveiled two war droids, programmed with all the data Quinn had gathered on the Warrior to that point. Ultimately Quinn underestimated the Wrath, who decided to keep him alive, showing him mercy where Baras might not have. Quinn then swore to regain his Master's trust.

While on Corellia, Quinn and the rest of the Warrior's companions were tasked to safeguard Darth Vowrawn back on the Wrath's Fury-class Imperial interceptor. When Sith Lord Draahg attempted to assassinate Vowrawn, the Dark Councilor mentioned that Quinn fought vigilantly and should be praised for his deeds. The Captain stated that he did everything in hopes for the Wrath to forgive his betrayal; the Warrior replied that it was forgotten, much to Quinn's delight.

During his travels with the Warrior, Quinn became aware of Imperial operations suffering because of his former commander Moff Broysc and decided to intervene. This included tracking down the Republic Strategic Information Service agent Voloren whom Broysc grossly underestimated and saving Major Ovech from a death trap sprung through Broysc's general incompetence.

Eventually, Quinn and the Wrath got into holoconference with Broysc, determining that he was suffering from severe dementia. Broysc had dubbed Quinn Admiral Malcontent and blamed him for failures that occurred years before his birth. With Wrath's permission, Quinn contacted Imperial High Command in hopes they would remove Broysc, but none had the courage to stand up to him. Therefore, Quinn forcibly brought Broysc aboard the Wrath's ship. Growing annoyed with the Moff's senseless chatter, Quinn finally snapped and, with the Wrath's permission, chose to execute Broysc once and for all and later disposed of his body. After learning from universal chatter that the Imperials agreed to be better off without Broysc, Quinn was pleased with his work, though regretted having not acting earlier.

As Quinn aided the Warrior, he performed maintenance on the Sith Lord's ship and eventually upgraded the Fury's hyperdrive. Quinn was later promoted to Captain 2nd Rank, with the Warrior's consent. Finally, Quinn dedicated himself to the Wrath, promising to impart his skills and knowledge to his disciples.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, the Wrath went missing. The Fury's crew, excluding Jaesa, mourned the Wrath's absense and disbanded. Quinn felt that with the Wrath's absence, the Empire was going to fall. Defying orders from Minister of Logistics, Gelmid Lorman, Quinn searched desperately for the Wrath, but was thrown into Imperial prison for his defiance. Years later, Empress Acina pardoned him and took him on as her advisor, eventually earning him the rank of Major.

After the fall of the Eternal Empire and rise of the Eternal Alliance, Acina sent Quinn to Iokath to negotiate an alliance with their Commander, while the Republic sent Captain Elara Dorne to do the same.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike the rest of the Wrath's companions, Malavai Quinn was extremely faithful to the Empire and his superiors and did not tolerate those who were either unloyal or irrational in duty.

Quinn was not too keen when betraying or being betrayed. For instance, he expressed displeasure when he felt forced to betray the Wrath.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Quinn possesses sublime medical abilities, but is somewhat effective in combat with his blaster pistol and vibroknife. He was also a highly skilled pilot and possessed a keen sense of military strategy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Malavai Quinn is a companion character for the Sith Warrior class in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[2] He is voiced by Richard Teverson. Female Sith Warrior can romance Quinn and marry him.

When Quinn betrays the Wrath, the active companion will comment this. Quinn calls Vette an insufferable pain, takes note of Jaesa Willsaam's power and offers her to join him only to get laughed at, notes that Pierce always had a bad feeling about Quinn and refused to work with him, while Broonmark stays loyal and refuses to betray the Wrath, and Quinn will treat 2V-R8, HK-51 and Treek as nonexistent. After defeating Quinn and his droids, the player can viciously Force Push and Force Choke him for dark alignment points, forgive him for light alignment points, or simply tell him he's not forgiven so easily for no alignment points. In the early Beta, the player could execute him after his betrayal, but it was changed due to some tester's complain of losing a companion permanently.

For getting affection points with Malavai, some things he likes are duty, honor, and loyalty to the Empire. When dealing with Darth Baras, he is the opposite of Vette, not liking it when the Warrior is disrespectful to Baras.

During the War For Iokath expansion, if the player is a Sith Warrior, they will have the option to kill Quinn for his betrayal all those years ago or forgive him even if they romanced Quinn.



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