Malcom Terrax was a Human male and one of the best agents of the Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire during the Galactic War. He was assigned to Voss, to profile failed Voss Mystics so Sith Lord Beldiss could recruit them to the Sith ranks. However, Republic Ambassador Jannik brought in a Republic hero to unmask the Empire's true colors by downloading comm logs from Voss communication towers which Beldiss was using to communicate with his spies. Though the comm logs didn't implicate Beldiss himself, they did put Terrax in danger for what he knew. Terrax was about to be executed by the Dusk Squadron but was instead rescued by the hero of the Galactic Republic, who offered him protection should be defect. Facing the alternative of a firing squad, Malcom Terrax accepted the offer and defected to the Republic.


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