"Have no fear, Colonel Maldrod…all is in readiness. Our forces will be ready to sweep to the far side of the village, where our bulk cruisers will pick them up, for transport to Kulthis."
―Darth Vader[src]

Maldrod was a Colonel in the Galactic Empire. He was under the command of General Andrid in the Belderone sector, and upon his superiors death, he took control of the Imperial forces in the area, leading them in the Battle of Belderone.


Maldrod was present at the debriefing of several of Darth Vader's officers in the Belderone sector. As Vader laid out his plans for the destruction of a Rebel base on the planet Kulthis, General Andrid questioned the validity of the plan but was coldly rebuked by the Dark Lord. Maldrod was present at a second meeting when Vader received word of Andrid's further meddling on the planet Belderone, where he had inadvertently alerted the Rebels to their presence there, endangering their AT-AT factory. After Vader killed the General, he decided to move up the timeline of the attack on Kulthis, and he took Colonel Maldrod with him to Belderone to oversee the AT-ATs departure from the factory into bulk cruisers in order to begin the attack on Kulthis.

Maldrod witnessed two local youths, Flint and Barney, making their way into the nearby town in a landspeeder and was frightened that they might alert the townspeople to rise up, as the AT-ATs were set to destroy the city on the way to the bulk cruisers. However, Vader quelled the man's fears, saying that they would prove little threat, and that they needed to remain near the factory in case Luke Skywalker showed up to attack the factory. Vader was eventually proven right, as a Rebel strike force led by Skywalker began to attack the factory. Despite the Empire's efforts, the Rebels were able to commandeer two of the AT-ATs, and destroy the factory. However, one of the AT-ATs was able to escape the battle and destroy the nearby town, killing most of the inhabitants. Their overall plan foiled, Maldrod and Vader left the world.