This article is about the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the CR90 corvette of the same name.

Malice was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


When Imperial forces detected a Rebel Lambda-class T-4a shuttle carrying a high ranking officer which was undergoing mid-space repairs to its hyperdrive, the Malice was diverted from its mission to destroy the shuttle. The Malice exited hyperspace and launched a single squadron's worth of TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/sa bombers before returning to its original mission. The Imperial fighters were engaged by three defending Rebel fighters, a T-65 X-wing starfighter, a BTL Y-wing starfighter and an R-22 Spearhead who, despite being outnumbered, were able to stop the Imperial attack and save the shuttle. By the time the Malice returned the Rebels had left the area.

The Alliance later recreated the mission as a simulation for training new pilots.



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