"It's a civilized profession for an uncivilized galaxy."
―Malis, on bounty hunting[src]

Malis was an Imperial-licensed bounty hunter with a twisted sense of justice.


In an interview with Rengor Vanth of Sektor 242 NewsLine, Malis revealed that he hunted members of the Alliance because they were criminals, claiming that Luke Skywalker, in particular, was a vicious murderer for destroying the Death Star and everyone on it. Malis believed that Alderaan's destruction was justified, since it was the homeworld of rebellion against the order of the Empire.[1]

Malis also believed that he himself was simply a hunter, not a murderer, despite his record of bringing back dead bounties more often than live captures.[1] Much of his ideas were believed to be stemmed from the fact that he was the only survivor of an Alliance raid on Keskin, which wiped out his entire platoon.[2]

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