"You put on quite a show—well at least until you catapulted Dame Malitikis into the dessert cart. But the surgeon says her shoulder will be good as new."
Pelf Pachoola, to Hondo Ohnaka[src]

Dame Malitikis was a female individual who accompanied the Salin Excursions luxury liner Salin Mariner on a cruise at some point during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. During the voyage, the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka—who was disguised as a businessman and operating under the alias "Rondo Rosada—" became inebriated and danced with Malitikis. However, Ohnaka's flamboyant style of dancing resulted in Malitikis being hurled into a dessert cart, inflicting damage onto her shoulder. Her injury was subsequently attended to by surgeon, and by the following morning Malitikis had been given assurances that her shoulder was healed.