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Malmourral was the ancient demon of the Bardottan faith worshiped by the Frangawl Cult during the Clone Wars. His ancient shrine, according to Savatte of the Bahk-tov Council of Bardotta, was located underneath the present-day temple, inside the Underground Frangawl Cave, which crackled with supernatural energies which evolved from Dathomir Magic.

When in contact with any living being, the energies, which originate in the statue's gigantic teeth, would electrocute him or her and fire a sphere containing the essence of him of her and blasting it into a containment sphere held by the Frangawl cult leader while the shrine swallowed his or her body. He also sacrificed one of the Dagoyan Masters in that manner during the Mission to Bardotta and stole the Living Force in his body. The shrine resembled a demon in the form of a dragon.