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Viscount Malreaux was a noble from Vjun. He was married to a woman named Whirry Malreaux and had two sons with her, including Jedi Padawan Whie Malreaux.

In 29 BBY, the populace of Vjun went insane because of the experiments he performed with midi-chlorians. In their collective descent into madness and paranoia, they all committed murder against each other, killing off the entire planets population. The Viscount was no exception, and in his delusion, he had an advanced security system installed in his home. Despite these measures, he continued to lock himself away to protect himself from harm. Eventually, he took up residence in the ventilation system of the Malreaux family home.

The last time he was seen was when he was caught by one of the security cameras he had installed sneaking into the kitchen to steal some food. His body was later found due to the smell.

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