Mals Tonith was the Muun High Officer of the planet Muunilinst during the 9th century of the Great Peace of the Republic period.[2] As a personal favor to Tonith, InterGalactic Banking Clan member Caar Damask accepted administratorship of the planet Mygeeto.[1]


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  2. According to Star Wars: Darth Plagueis (p. 80), Mals Tonith was High Officer immediately prior to the birth of Hego Damask—at least 10 years prior ([...] "success in supervising the mining operations came in short order" [...] the arrival—ten years after his own—of a lower-caste Muun female [...]), but not many more ("[...] in due course giving birth to a son they named Hego [...]). Hego Damask himself told Palpatine, in 65 BBY, that he would be "well over one hundred" in human years (p. 117), which is contradicted in The Tenebrous Way, where it is implied that Plagueis is at the very least two decades younger than that (Star Wars Insider 130, p. 26). In any case, Mals Tonith must have been High Officer at some point between 200 and 100 BBY, during the 9th century after the Ruusan Reformations.
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