Maltok was a male Trandoshan permitor associated to House Renseth. A boisterous, egotistic and vain person, Maltok lived and worked in Depatar. He dispised any outsider who used the services of other permitors.

In 31 BBY, Maltok approached a landing ship, hoping that the visitors would hire her as their permitor. Other prospectives included Furran, Gusimin the Honest, Koyi Kobad and Sadana. All of them were disappointed to discover that they had already hired Fot Ducela.

Behind the scenesEdit

Maltok said he was "Grand Permitor of House Renseth", although the exact meaning of this utterance is unclear: Maltok could simply be bragging, House Renseth might have several people with that rank, or maybe Maltok did have special privileges.