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This article is about the information broker. You may be looking for Ziro the Hutt's mother.

Mama was an information broker on Ord Mantell. As a member of the Columi species, Mama possessed a large hairless head, which weighed a fifth of her total body weight and was supported by a tiny bipedal body. She had black unblinking eyes.[2]

She was the proprietor of a smuggler's haven. Han Solo contacted her to find out information about Alfreda Goot who had kidnapped Leia Organa;[2] however, Mama was killed shortly afterwards, causing her two sons—Marvid and Craitheus Qreph—to spend the next several decades hunting down and "destroying" all possible suspects in her murder. The two killed over a dozen suspects and their families, wrecking their victims' lives before killing them.[1]



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